(in the midst of things)
16.04. - 18.04.2014

Lea Lahoud

Nevermind these walls

(Audiovisual Installation)

"Nevermind these walls" is an interactive audio-visual installation in which the listener/viewer travels through the space in which the installation takes place, having a book with blank pages, and a tape recorder with many tapes at hand.

Live images recorded by security cameras placed inside and outside the exhibition space, are projected onto and around the artwork, therefore trespassing the pages.

The tapes displayed, include recordings of our work process and become an ongoing recording as some would gradually include recordings of the exhibition days.

As the person interacts with the installation by manipulating the tools displayed, a subjective memory of this experience is formed, with raw objective unedited auditory and visual footage and rigid tactile tools, that are soon to be forgotten.

I chose this docufiction-esque way of creating an installation in order to establish a monologue with our work process, a monologue that would expand onto a dialogue with the person who chooses to interact with the installation, it would also maybe create a disillusionment concerning the artworks displayed, a dichotomy that I face concerning my opinion on contemporary art. This seemed to be, for me, the most honest way to convey this experience, and pass it on to others as they make their own. I feel a little intimidated when facing a closed space in which I would have to create an ephemeral piece, to constrain myself with a limited tactile construction, I feel the need to deconstruct spaces and, instead, induce an emotional response.

At a certain point, I needed to remind myself to nevermind these walls.

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