(in the midst of things)
16.04. - 18.04.2014

Firas Hallak

Watch your back

(Surveillance Video Installation)

To see and be seen and enter a hall of mirrors where fantasies are realities, where cross-angled silhouettes hint to deceptions and intrigue, where seeTV is a cross-eyed vision of the self, one where we are all caught unawares.

Four cameras broadcasting opposite ends, always seeing one's self from the back, looking at one's self the way other people look at once, for one the mirror is in the back, exposing the unguarded side,an ambient paranoia of self-identities absorbed in the sight of themselves yet admiring themselves as strangers passing by.

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Alina Amer
Carla Habib
Cristina Ghinassi
Elie Mouhanna
Fadi Al Hamwi
Firas Hallak
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