(in the midst of things)
16.04. - 18.04.2014

Jad Tannous

Silenced through the eyes

(Video Installation)

If silence could be experienced, then what would it look like, would it look alike? And if the eye can give it a language, would it still be a silence? What would its alphabet be like once interpreted through visual codes and signals?

A video work which is all about Christina Ghinassi's ambiguity of sound and silence and her own meandering through both, tense, dense, clostrophobic despite being out in the open, agoraphobic despite the close up on the soundless scream, a dichotomy of expression where neither articulation or suppression manage to convey the inner agitation.

*The video is part of "Silenced, a sound performance by Cristina Ghinassi"

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